WaterWay was founded in 2004 by Thomas G. Frederiksen and Apollo Shipping GmbH, Hamburg, who together wanted to create a classic brokerage house at a time when many considered the concept outmoded. There quickly proved to be a considerable market for WaterWay’s services, and shortly after its foundation the Company grew out of the garage where it was domiciled. The following year, Rasmus Rønne joined as a Partner and WaterWay truly began to assert itself in the market for project cargoes.

Consequently, in 2008, WaterWay moved to larger premises in Middelfart. One year later, the third Partner, Jens Madsen, joined the Company which also entered the chartering market, commissioning the first ships in its management. At the same time, WaterWay Shipping evolved into an even stronger player in the project market

Ever since the beginning, WaterWay has been constantly growing – continually expanding our range of services as well as the strong networks possessed by each of the partners by virtue of their longstanding industry experience. During the Recession, the positive trend has continued and WaterWay is thus well prepared for further strengthening its position in the coming years.